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Lighting Heritage Context

As night tour is an emerging industry, the night tour market design projects we have exploited are all developing towards the "1+3" business sectors: "1" is architectural lighting; and "3" are lighting show creation + commercial night tour planning + cultural night tour activation. The brightness of night lights in an area is directly related to the GDP level. Not only the brightness, but also the duration of lighting is also closely related to the economic development at night. The ultimate goal of commercial night tour planning is to activate and empower the image of commercial nightscape and create a unique business card that contains its cultural attributes. Cultural night tour planning is to help the scenic spot escape the original competitive environment and extend its vitality.

Light Up The
World Beautiful Cities

Urban nightscape lighting is the embodiment of the charm, vitality and even the strength of a city. The lighting design of urban nightscape uses lighting to create the image of the city at night, which is conducive to highlighting the personalized color of the city. At the beginning of the design of the nightscape lighting project, Guide Group combines the overall style of the city, fully considers the consistency of architecture and culture, expresses the architectural functional characteristics, and highlights the cultural traits of the building and adds the architectural charm through the expression of architectural details and essence from the aesthetic perspective.

Guide Group effectively uses different colors and combinations of colors and lights to better reshape the new expressions of the building that are different from their appearance in the daytime, to bring a new emotional experience to people, and to add the charm and expressiveness of the building. By combining with the carrier of regional and national culture, different colors of light are used to express the building at night, which is integrated with the surrounding environment and makes the surrounding environment radiate new vitality.

All Things Connected
And Wisdom Shared

With the 5G era accelerating the construction of smart cities, smart poles have become an important carrier. Taking light poles as a carrier, a smart pole is a multi-functional road light pole that provides various functions such as smart lighting, wireless communication, urban monitoring, traffic management, information interaction, and urban public services. It can carry out remote monitoring, control, management and other network communication and information services through the operation and management background system.

Smart poles are an important part of a smart city. It uses city sensors, power line carrier/ZIGBEE communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology to connect street lights in the city in series to form the Internet of Things, realize remote centralized control and management of street lights, and have functions of automatically adjusting brightness according to the traffic flow, time, weather and other conditions, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, anti-theft of lighting fixture cables, remote meter reading,...etc.