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Talent development

Guided by the mission of wisdom to create value, science and technology to achieve the future, has always attached great importance to the development of staff, we know that talent is the driving force of enterprise development. Abide by the "intelligent lighting leader" of the mission and vision, relying on excellent talent team, strong operational strength and perfect service guarantee, is committed to providing customers with high standard solution, build efficient, harmonious, the humanities wisdom city, with partners to create intelligent life together, a good "guide".


Recruitment Mailbox:zhaopin@gdlight.cn

  • Project Manager (Site)

    Degree required:  Working place:

    Job Descriptions
    1.Conduct the daily management of the project , including but not limited to quality management, safety management, personnel arrangement, cost control, comprehensive process , inspection, supervision,  and summary of completion, etc.; 
    2.Engage in construction planning, prepare organizational construction design,  major construction plans,  participate in the joint review of drawings, and safety technology disclosure; 
    3.Responsible for organizing various technical documents, quality environment, safe and civilized construction, and cost control assessments during the construction process; 
    4.Responsible for reviewing project cost verification, budget and final accounts, project progress payments and equipment and materials selection and other related investment control work;
    5.Responsible for organizing the project acceptance completion acceptance project settlement, and project payment collection at each stage of the project 
    6.Other ad hoc as assigned 

    1.Bachelor degree or above, major in municipal engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, and construction;
    2.At least 3 years of work experience in construction management of commercial complex projects or large-scale municipal project management;
    3.Excellent communication and fast learner, strong adaptability, and be able to work under high pressure; 
    4.Strong overseas project management experience, proficiency in English.

  • Director of Marketing (EMEA)

    Degree required:  Working place:

    Job Descriptions:
    1.Developing existing and potential clients in Egypt (oversea markets), maintain client relationship and follow-up key clients closely; 
    2.Engage with clients
    3.Coordinate internal and external resources, closely follow up and manage the process of the project, and complete the key performance indicators; 
    4.Other ad hoc as assigned.

    1.Bachelor degree or above;
    2.Be enthusiasm  with marketing , excellent communication skills, good teamwork spirit, be able to work pressure; 
    3.Strong marketing experience in oversea markets;
    4.Excellent English in both written and oral.

  • Electrical Engineer (Technical office and Site )

    Degree required:  Working place:

    Job Descriptions:
    1.Engage in design of the lighting electrical scheme, participate in the design of shop drawings, and meet the bidding requirements;
    2.Conduct the installation of lighting equipment, power supply and distribution and lighting design of control system; 
    3.Prepare design and drawing of engineering construction drawings, technical disclosure, design changes, budget and final settlements;
    4.Make technical clarifications to the construction party and answer questions about drawings raised on site; 
    5.Summarize and collect all electrical design documents in the work
    6.Participate in the completion acceptance of the project, and maintain the archive of design materials. 
    7.Other ad hoc as assigned 

    1.Bachelor or above, major in architectural electrical, mechatronics, electrical, etc.;  
    2.More than 3 years of electrical design work experience, proficient in electrical construction drawing design, proficient in CAD and other design software, familiar with technical specifications of national electrical and lighting industry; 
    3.Relevant experience in lighting construction, installation, acceptance and on-site technical guidance is preferred; 
    4.Strong overseas project experience , proficiency in English.

  • Cost contract manager

    Degree required:  Working place:

    Job Descriptions:
    1.Deal with project budget, changes, claims, settlement, etc.; 
    2.Manage Cost planning, control, supervision and inspection of engineering projects; 
    3.Responsible for the drafting, negotiation, submission and signing of engineering contracts; 
    4.Responsible for project output value, operating output value and other report statistics; 
    5.Responsible for the bidding and quotation work of the project department
    6.Responsible for the assessment of the responsibility cost of the project

    1.Bachelor degree or above, in engineering management, engineering cost, etc.; 
    2.registered cost or construction engineer is preferred
    3.Good executor, strong communication skills in both verbal and written.
    4.Strong knowledge in bidding quotation software and budget software
    5. 5 years experience as Subcontractor preferable. 
    6. 5 years experience in mega projects preferable. 
    7.Previous project experience oversea preferable, proficiency in English.