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Core competitiveness


Technology Leadership
Leading technology casts top quality

Technological innovation is the foundation of Guide Group. Guide Group pursues a culture of "respecting technology and advocating innovation", takes client needs as our priority, and strengthens continuous financial support, talent reserves and cross-border technical communication and cooperation to achieve advanced technology sharing and integration.

Service Leadership
Give it your all / Serve with sincerity

Guide Group sets up a full-time service team for each owner to provide a full range of services from preliminary project consulting services, effect design performance, construction stage design and project management, and after-sales service tracking, all of which fully guarantee the unity of all links in a project.

Quality Leadership
Concentrate on process control / Details make supreme quality

Adhering to the architectural concept of perfect combination of building technology and engineering quality, Guide Group focuses on the effects of each project design, the lighting products, the installation in the construction, and the persistence in quality. Based on the ISO9001 quality management system, Guide Group will contribute more high-quality landscape lighting artworks to the society.